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The American Dream is Alive and Well. New Day Funding is helping thousands of Americans live a life of design through credit education and smart business solutions

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The foundation of any fortune is an understanding of money, New Day Funding working alongside two hundred banks has the necessary insight you will need to start building your wealth the right way.


In the United States about every four minutes a millionaire is created.
So how do so many people build wealth?


Discover the hidden power of your business to generate unlimited wealth through the power of cash duplication


New Day Funding consults on building your corporate “SSN” into a 800+ Fico for business


Unfortunately, I went through another business credit building company that charged over $3000 upfront with no guarantee. The only thing I ended up with is a business credit file and some vendor credit…no cash credit.  Once I started here I was able to obtain over $100,000 in unsecured loans and i'm still not finished obtaining more. Thanks guys!

If I would have known about you guys last year I would have been so much better off. Thanks for your efforts and all you did.  I am glad I followed your strategies, to date, I have been able to build a strong file and obtain the credit my business needed to get me through these rough times.

I have been in the credit coaching program for about 5 months now and am really excited about what just happened on Tuesday. I was approved for a 10 million dollar factoring line of credit that is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow.  I have found the coaching program to be very thorough and while it did take some time, I can say with full confidence that my company is now credible and has the financial backing to allow us to grow.



Corporate Excellence

Headquartered in Manhattan, New Day Funding is a privately held debt free sales and marketing company. We consult with businesses, individuals, and investors to create corporate lines of credit as well as joint venture partnerships. We have funded over $250,000,000 dollars to date and continue to strive for excellence on behalf of our clients.

Our goal is to consult you on the methodologies to wealth creation through our pragmatic training. Once you understand how to create corporate lines of credit, you will never be short of cash again.

By consulting you on how to secure money our aim is to persuade you to go into business with us to create passive income through joint venture projects. Through our consulting you will learn how to create a minimum of $50,000 a year for the rest of your life.




New Day Funding’s mission is to educate entrepreneurs and business owners. With over twenty four million sole proprietorships in the U.S. there is a massive need for this life changing information.

Imagine how your business would be enhanced if you had an extra $50,000 cash flow. Now imagine having the knowledge to create a corporate profile every year secure even MORE cash flow to fuel your business.


New Day Funding specializes in improving your credit score so you can secure maximum funding. We offer full life cycle services and manage our clients every step of the way through the credit restoration process to underwriting. We teach people how to utilized credit funding to create retirement income.


Using your strong FICO score is an asset but only if you have the know-how to turn it into a revenue producing venture. More than just engineering credit we create joint venture partnerships that create ongoing income. Call us for a consultation today!


At times your business needs an infusion of cash to get to the next level. We help secure funding so you can proactively advance. We will also consult on opportunities to pay down the debt while building your business up.



To educate and enhance your quality of life proving that the “American Dream” is alive and thriving. If you desire time freedom and retirement income we can help. Our specialists will consult you on a myriad of solutions available from personal and corporate credit funding to joint ventures with real estate and more.


After maxing out my personal credit for business expense purposes I learned how to separate my personal credit from my business credit. Now my scores are where they should be and my business credit is where it should be!

I now have the ability to take my company to the next level. Thanks to you guys I was able to secure over $200,000 in unsecured business lines of credit.

I have been following your program for over 9 months now and have over $300,000 in cash credit!

I love your system, it's foolproof!  My credit coach walked me through step by step until I had the amount of cash credit I was in need of…$175,000!

I never thought of purchasing a shelf corporation.  But since I started I have obtained over $200,000! Thanks!

I wish I would have known about you guys 5 years ago when I first started in business. It would have been so much easier. My biggest recommendation to anyone is to start sooner than later. You will be glad you did!


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